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First impressions are crucial - make sure people who interact with you understand that you refuse to be abused or taken advantage of and that when you say no it is non-negotiable. In addition, always refuse to be a victim. If you feel you are a victim, you will be taken advantage of by nasty people such as a boss who will low ball you when you negotiate your salary.

If possible, always give people as much as you can unconditionally.

One advantage of not carrying a mobile phone is that you can always give people you talk to your undivided attention without being distracted by incoming calls or other activities related to using a phone. It is also much more polite to look at people when they talk to you without attempting to perform other tasks at the same time such as check one's email on the computer.

Parts of a lie need to be true if one wishes to use it.

If you want people to show interest in you and your hobbies, you first need to talk to them about things that interest them.

If you can, pay bills via payment order as you can just go to the bank and talk to a banker face to face whenever a problem arises. As long as you have enough money in your bank account the recurring fees will be deducted, unlike with credit cards, as the credit card companies impose restrictions on the amount of money you can spend each month.

If you have trouble opening a jammed jar, just try sticking a spoon into one of the gaps of the lid and then apply pressure.

If you go to a hotel and their staff ask for your passport, you might be able to provide a scanned version of your passport instead, in which personal details such as date of birth are removed with a marker.

If you miss the bus, you can sometimes view it as an opportunity to walk to the next stop on the bus's route and wait for the next bus there. That way you will not need to wait as much.

If you need to collect a package from a package delivery company such as DHL, it might in fact be preferable to come to their offices as their offices might be open 24 hours a day. That way you do not need to wait for the delivery person to bring you the package to your home or office, and this spares you unnecessary grief.

Respecting someone is telling them harsh words you believe they need to hear even if it means that person will not wish to speak to you. If someone is in distress, a true friend will tell him or her harsh words so the person will help himself or herself. A depressed person will also have great difficulty in making friends, so if your work colleague is in distress and that person is not your friend it is still your duty to tell him that you think he or she should seek professional help.

You should have a homepage where you express all the opinions you want other people to know about you, so that future conversations they have with you will be much more fulfilling. This is also a great way to meet people with similar interests. If work places reject you due to your opinions, this is in fact very good as workspaces that choose to accept you will probably also accept your opinions.

Music is heard many times, so one should download it in a lossless format such as FLAC and invest money in good headphones. Movies and TV shows are usually only seen once, so one should not bother with obtaining high quality versions of them unless one intends to watch them many times in the future. Also, since TV broadcasts are currently not better than 720P, there is no reason to get a 1080P or greater monitor. One should instead invest in a better computer monitor (I'm using a QXGA monitor on my T60).

Things can be real and not real at the same time. For instance, academic researchers are offered positions based on the quality of their published articles. The articles are (usually) real, but in many cases very few people actually read them, and thus they might in fact contain critical mistakes.

You should read newspapers you don't agree with as long as they are well written and not full of propaganda. For instance, in Israel the self-proclaimed left wing should read the Markor Rishon newspaper associated with the religious Zionist movement.

You should tell people your opinions up front, including your superiors. The superiors that don't respect this behavior will terminate you, but the ones that do respect this behavior will respect you much more for speaking your mind.

When using a computer, I'm happier when things don't work as that compels me to figure out why they don't work.

If you like certain things such as in my case professional wrestling you should try to understand why you like them. When you figure out why, you will look for more similar things, as you might like them as well.

Full transcripts of informational videos such as news articles might be preferable to watching the videos, as it lets one access the media at a workplace and still talk to people at the same time. This observation (or most of it) I obtained from the free software activist Michał Tomasz Masłowski in an IRC chat.