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I managed to drop around 18 or 19 kilogrammes within a year on my own by just asking people for advice and listening to tips provided by other people. What I did was reduce my intake of juices - I only drank juice in the morning as part of breakfast and I drank mineral, sparkling or cold filtered water during the rest of the day.

I also reduced the amount of pita I ate with humous. I realized that humous is much tastier than the pita, even when the pita is wholemeal. I also stopped eating unhealthy pastry and instead ate granola bars and fruit.

My current diet is comprised of half a bowl of granola containing strawberries and raspberries with soy milk, a soy yoghurt and a regular fruit milk yoghurt for breakfast, baked potato and fish or a vegetarian dish alongside salad for lunch and humous or gefilte fish or salmon alongide perhaps a roll of bread with tehina or vegan cheese and rice for dinner. I also eat fruit such as sharon fruit and pears, soy yoghurts and a few pieces of dark chocolate (which includes one brand that contains blackcurrent) during the day. I drink in the morning a quarter of a glass of either blackcurrent, strawberry or raspberry juice.

I will probably replace that by freshly squeezed carrot and apple juice.