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I like many TV shows originating from the UK. I like the (first few seasons of the) series Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, since realistic situations are portrayed in it. For example, in the first episode Donna and Gaz start going out, and Donna finds Gaz's collection of magazines containing female nudity. This situation never showed up in American TV shows such as Friends.

Another show I like is Hotel Babylon, due to the chemistry between the two main characters Rebecca Mitchell and Charlie Edwards. Both of them display confidence but both are weak in different ways: Rebecca's marriage is crumbling, whereas Charlie is an ex-convict whose past comes back to haunt him. Once they leave the show, the show's appeal diminishes. I also enjoy the chemistry between Sergeant John Bacchus and Inspector George Gently in the show Inspector George Gently. They fight a lot since they both have their pride and ego and since John is pugnacious, yet they both respect one another greatly.